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I love what I get to do as a mission and am most grateful for the Modern Mystery School which I have the honor of representing. I was very uncomfortable in the worst way until I found the tools and teachings and my desire is to help others find their way out of the suffering I also felt. I can relate if you feel like you don’t fit in here! (On Earth) As a very sensitive soul it has been quite harsh for me until I found a way to protect myself energetically!

I went from an insecure person who had a hard time being around others because my internal reflection of self-loathing was too uncomfortable to someone who now can enjoy and love being around others because there are less negative reflections from my internal self. I am still a work in progress!

I had a hard time being in front of people now I teach large groups. I used to have a fake smile plastered on my face, now I have many different expressions based on the moment, not the past! I also used to be a ball of anger and felt helpless to change the world and now I have a way, through the Modern Mystery School to feel at cause, like I can make a difference and I am with the large community I serve!

People get results- they get a Life Activation then Initiated and then before I know it they decide to learn how to do the Life Activation themselves! That is the best testimonial because why go through the effort to continue if nothing happened?

I am grateful for all my Teachers, peers, deep friendships I have developed and Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, Founder Gudni Gudnason and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome for holding the structure so this work flows. I have learned so much from each of these men and their tireless service, sacrifice, love, dedication and kindness!

Thank you also the Goddess Council of 12 Women for also supporting this structure and modeling your unique expression of the Goddess!

This path is tough because there is accountability- no one is seen as a victim and it is your choice to continue at your own pace. No one ever pressed my keyboard to sign me up for a class or take a flight- I have had to self enroll. Of course! That is normal! This is not the only path to God there are many and you can chose what is right for you

It is not an easy path- but the more challenging paths are always most interesting because when you get to the view you can really own it- YOU earned it- no one did it for you!