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King Salomon Healing Modality

Spiritual Drug Detox Healing Series

I came to meet Erin through a mutual friend. I went to her to learn more about the services she could offer from her training within the Modern Mystery School. Admittedly, I went to her to prove that all of this couldn’t possibly be true, that it was all new-age BS.  My theory was wrong and instead I would find my life, spirit, and mind transformed for the greatest good. I am now truly happy and filled with gratitude.

I truly believe if there are two things you should do for yourself, a Life Activation and the Empower Thyself workshop are the things to do.  Both of these things will open up thoughts and possibilities that you may not be able to see now and it will give you daily practices that will enhance your whole life and help you create a higher level of peace and happiness. At least it did for me. I also believe that if you do these two things, you will want to do more and there is so much more to do and experience.


Erin is the best! She is committed to advancing your health in non- conventional ways. It is just what the doctor ordered. I knew I was stuck energetically. Battling fatigue I exhausted all other options. I was referred by a good friend and boom. She opened the doors needed for continued healing and that lead to professional success beyond my wildest imagination. I am forever grateful that I found her and you will be too.


Erin‘s work is extraordinary. Over the past two years, I’ve recieved a variety of energy healing’s from her. After each session, I feel cleaner, lighter, more hopeful and filled with joy. Her presence, and her healing knowledge is POWERFUL. I’m confident anyone who walks through her door with an open heart and willingness to receive a healing session will be transformed for the better. I highly recommend the Life Activation, and her 2-day Empower Thyself course. After doing these myself, I continue to experience countless miracles in my life everyday. I now wake up feeling hopeful, purposeful and joyful and it all started with those two powerful experiences with Erin. She is a tue blessing and gift to this world! Book a session with her as soon as possible. You’ll be grateful you did 🙂


Erin was highly recommended by a good family friend last year.  Since then, I’ve been to several of her weekly guided meditations.  She’s upped the ante because not only do the meditation themes vary weekly, but she’s got an awesome crew (Bill, Rosario and Kathleen) to lead them.

More recently, I felt compelled to try one of the healing modalities offered at her center called the Full Spirit Activation.  It turned out to be an immediately palpable experience.  This activation clearly enhanced my intuition and sharpened my senses.

Although the Transformational Healing Center is quite a distance from where I live (San Francisco to the East Bay), the trip is worthwhile because I return home feeling refreshed every time!


I found the King Solomon Healing Modality incredibly rejuvenating and rewarding. The collective experience helped me to restore my ability to response to experiences and relationships in a newfound ways. I found myself more able to break free from previous programming and make choices from a place of authenticity. Each session was unique and put me in a state of complete relaxation. I highly enjoyed the frequency of the series and would look forward to the next session every time. Erin Wallace is an amazing healer. I plan on experiencing many more healing modalities by her very capable hands.


A friend told me to see Erin and that she gives great healings!  I’m always looking for great healers and Erin is a true gift.  Her healings are powerful and long lasting.  I had a dna activation and 1 week later I had an intense feeling that I should go to massage school.  Within several weeks, I found the perfect massage school in Sonoma!  I have heard that after the dna activation, people start doing their life purpose.  I had no idea it would happen that soon!  I also did the king solomon series healing and I really enjoyed that.  I felt a lot of emotional junk leaving my body and felt a lot lighter.  I’m also doing the Empower Thyself workshop which is great for healers if they want to access all their power doing healings!


Erin is amazing! The tools and teachings she has handed down have had the biggest positive impact on my life.  Truly a center for transformational healing. I recommend that anyone and everyone attends everything she offers. Just by being in her space, you feel centered and at peace.


I have been coming to Erin for the past three years very regularly for Meditations on Tuesday nights. There is a lovely energy in this beautiful and safe space. Erin, has an awesome energy about herself and she also offers many healing modalities.  I like to share some of the work I have experience with her. I started with Cord Cutting which I found very helpful and seen results right away. I had my DNA activation, an amazing way of getting clarity and focus in what it is that you want in life. Empower thyself what an awesome! sets of tools and rituals, a wonderful boost to get you going, Sacred Geometry one of my favorites to use. Know Thyself, was all about inner work, wonderful  and revealing. I had the most amazing healing massage with Erin today. It truly help and relieve the pain I had in my back. Namaste!


Erin combines the healing-energy and space-holding of unconditional love, with the purifying and enlightened clarity of an unbending will toward the light, and just enough of a modern smiling touch, to bring the ancient power of a true priestess into every event and ceremony she performs.


The Universal Kabbalah program has fundamentally helped me shift perspective and daily mindset about my life, purpose, and meaning of being. It continuously presents tangible scenarios allowing me to resolve wounds and beliefs blocking me from knowing my true-self. I will, no doubt, continue this program; year after year.


Erin‘s work is powerful. If you’re a spiritual explorer like me, and want to experience ancient practices that create energetic transformation, then I highly recommend Erin‘s Life Activation session. I’ve really felt a shift.


As a woman with lots of ambition, sided with alot of fear about everything, I stayed stagnant in my career for most of my twenties. This was due to an intense worry about whether I was capable, deserving or intelligent “enough”.

The delay was also due to the sheer fact that I didn’t have a clue as to what career was right for me. So I did what any other millenial would do and googled “how to find my life purpose”.

After some researching I discovered something that seemed to hit the mark on everything I needed – the DNA Activation. As luck would have it, this exclusive healing was offered by Erin within a 15 minute drive from my home.

I called Erin and got some additional details, although not really knowing what to ask. Instead I just hoped for the best and innately, I knew this was what I needed.

The session with Erin was an emotional rollercoaster ride. I remember thinking how much I had been through that I needed to resort to this. Well, I’m glad I did. Automatically after the session I felt completelt at peace. The noise of the world around me stopped completely. At the time I was living at home with my beautiful family and I remember that after my healing session I felt their light and kindness (love perhaps) like never before. Later on I got into a few quarrels with my parents and everytime I said something hurtful to them, I felt a very sharp pain in my stomach. I spoke to Erin about this later and her take on it, was that I was being guided to be a better daughter and treat my parents with respect.

These effects did not linger with me permanently but in the time that it did, I felt a kind of still beauty that was worth it. I learned alot about myself.

Alternately, what did stay with me permanently was my ability to manifest. Since the activation, I have found it incredibly easy to manifest. Please note, this isnt always a good thing! Mainly due to manifesting what I thought I wanted, but it wasnt what I needed. So now I dont really ask for specifics, but rather whats good for my soul.

What I have found in speaking to other practioners is that I excel at helping people discover their worth. This wasn’t made clear to me like it was for others, but with healings everyones experience is always different.

I would recommend this to anyone who feels “stuck” – whether it be in their career or life in general. For me it was a series of self-work and this was a step towards a more challenging career that led to a big move and self-discovery.


Erin Wallace, the owner of MMS NorCal, is a light and an inspiration!

My journey with her began with a curiosity about DNA Activation. I am always enjoying, exploring and experiencing different healing modalities, and my Activation with Erin made me feel great, which was awesome.

However, I have referred friends & family to her who have experienced their DNA activations as profound and life-altering experiences, enabling them to break through many of their obstacles in one go. While I loved it and definitely felt clearer & better, the DNA activation did not totally transform my life, however, it did feel wonderful and propelled me forward into deeper healing.

Since that initial experience with Erin, I have received so many different and powerful modalities from her – ancient Mystery School techniques & healings – and they have all been deeply empowering and transformative.

For those wanting a healing path without process work (though I also practice & love process work!) where you can just relax and allow yourself to gently glide back into who-you-truly-are, I whole-heartedly recommend:

Isis Healing
King Solomon Healing Modality
Etheric Surgery

For those wanting  to move deeper into the exploration of their spiritual selves, her Mystery School classes are amazing and she is a loving and generous teacher and guide! Her classes have enriched my life in ways I cannot even begin to describe. My work with Erin has been a true gift.


Erin is a phenomenally gifted healing practitioner and I’ve been recommending her to all my friends and family because I feel so grateful as her work has totally transformed and empowered my life. I received an energetic cord removal, purification of light and a 22-strand DNA activation from her and the effects of these healings were so beyond words amazing in my life I can’t highly recommend them enough. Also, this center is a hidden gem and sanctuary as it has a totally safe, cozy, peaceful and healing vibe to it. The location of this center is also absolutely perfect as it’s right next to a safe and peaceful park with plenty of free parking and pleasant walking paths.


This is a place for those who are spiritually curious and open minded.  Though I believe all answers may be  found within, Erin has a way  of guiding one towards the light and helping one reach their spiritual and life goals alike.  She is able to give you tools to use at home to further hone these  ambitions for goals and/or peace.  I truly benefited from the healing I received at this center and continue to use what I learned in my daily life.  Furthermore, if one is looking for a community, there is one available without any pressure.  It is truly a place of love and light which can be felt the minute  you walk through the front door.


I originally contacted Erin for her DNA Life Activation healing. I had previous gone through several DNA activations with other people, and honestly hadn’t noticed any change in my life. So, I met with Erin and discussed my concerns and my past experiences, she listened very respectfully to me and took the time to address my questions and concerns in a very open and honest way. This impressed me and inspired me to go ahead with the process. At this point let me say that I have been an energy healer for more than 20 years, I very seldom meet another energy worker with the amount of power, refinement, and grace that I have experienced with Erin. During the Life Activation session, I could feel the work being done in my aura, I could feel the process every step of the way. Erin is truly one of the most powerful healers/energy workers I have ever encountered.

Immediately after the Life Activation I felt different. I could really tell that she had shifted things in my body and my energy field. The best way to describe the effect it had on my, is to say that it made me curious about me, It made me start to think about who I am, what I am doing, how I am living, what my intentions are, how am I being of service? So many questions came up for me to get curious about and make some refinements in the way I am living my life. This was in no way a “mid life crisis” kind of thing, it was more of an excitement, of getting to know myself better, so that I can bring more of who I am into everything I do. It made me more comfortable with myself and more courageous to share who I am at a more authentic level in my life. I can honestly say if you are feeling “stuck” or unsure of who you are, I believe this work can assist you in coming closer to your authentic self.

After this amazing experience, I was excited to see what else Erin offered. I then went through her King Solomon Healing Modality. This was even more amazing and life changing than the Life Activation session. The King Solomon series is many different healing modalities, that as a whole really transform your essence in a very deep and profound way. Since completing the series I feel much more grounded in who I am. I feel good about who I am and the work I am doing in the world. I feel a sense of certainty and confidence in knowing myself that I haven’t experienced before.

Even though I only met Erin a short time ago, she’s one of those people you meet that you feel immediately comfortable with, feeling that you have known her for years. She is truly one of the most kind and caring people I have met. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you truly want change and transformation in your life, you need to work with Erin.