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We are here to support you in moving past limitations and soaring into your God Hood, as well as utilizing your God given gifts through Lineage based Metaphysical Teachings and Tools. We are also a heart centered community of light workers.

The journey of remembering your true self is a sacred journey and adventure!  There is a path that is well trodden and yet you are an unique individual.

We will work with you to meet you where you are at and customize together the steps that are needed for your progression.  Life is meant to be Joyous and we each have a mission we need to fulfill.  Let us serve you so that you can also step into service!

Meet the Modern Mystery School Team Leader for California

Erin Wallace


Erin Wallace is an Initiated Guide, Healer, Teacher, Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Teacher, Magus Hermeticus in Service (3rd Step Ritual Master) in the Lineage of King Salomon the Wise through the Modern Mystery School.

Erin brought the MMS tools and trainings to Northern California, and through her consistent work and dedication has built a thriving community, opening the doors to Modern Mystery School Northern California. Erin also is one of the MMS’ International Instructors and teaches classes nationally and internationally.

Explore transformational healing sessions, spiritual training and community events at Modern Mystery School NorCal 

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2395 Pleasant Hill Rd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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Empower Thyself

Receive Holy Tools that have been handed down in an authentic, unbroken lineage. 

Universal Kabbalah

Experience a 10-month ascension journey with the Tree of Life!

Building Wealth

Learn about the Metaphysics of Money. Live a life of abundance and prosperity.

Oct 12th 2024

Releasing Negative Emotions

Gain victory over negative emotions and be FREE!

Oct 13th 2024


I received a life activation from Erin and several months later attended “Empower Thyself”. Empower Thyself was by far the most powerful and healing spiritual training I have ever received. Over the years I had become passionate about many forms of self care, but this was truly transformational. Since then my life & spirit have taken huge strides in the many directions I have dreamed. Erin is a warm, brilliant soul – her energy is pure and I feel fortunate to have found the Transformational Healing Center when I did. It was like pushing the fast forward button to a more magical me.


What I love about Erin is how real she always is and how transparent she is as a person and in her teachings.

Since I started working with Erin in October 2016 I have learned so much about myself and because of that I have been able to excel much faster in everything I do.

I have met amazing people here as well that are on this same journey and I am so grateful for that. I have learned from Erin to create and hold that same positive and amazing energy that I recognize and feel at her center, at my home, with my family and through my daily relationships with people.

I not only recommend Erin as an amazing guide, but because of her authenticity. What you see is what you get with Erin, and I don’t know about you but I appreciate that very much in people these days. I will continue going because my journey has just begun, Transformational Healing Center it’s exactly what the name says – Thanks Erin for being you!


I worked with Erin over 8 years ago when I had my DNA activated. That was the first time I ever felt truly connected to my higher self. Today I received another powerful healing session and I’m looking forward to a gorgeous full moon ceremony!

If you live in the Bay Area I highly recommend working with Erin!



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  • Empower Thyself
  • Universal Kabbalah
  • Sacred Geometry Training
  • Astral Travel 
  • Spiritual Intuition
  • Journeys of the Spirit
  • 12 Races of Earth


  • Life Activation / 22 Strand DNA Activation
  • Full Spirit Activation
  • Emotional Cord Release / Purification by Light 
  • Shamanic Aura Healing
  • King Salomon Healing (10 sessions)
  • Spiritual Drug Detox (10 sessions)
  • The Modern Mystery School EnSofic Ray Healing Series (3 sessions)
  • Fire Soul Activation
  • Core Will Infusion Activation
  • Angel Code Healing
  • Etheric Surgery
  • Cherubim Healings
  • Egyptian Healings
  • Spark of Life