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Releasing Negative Emotions

What is stopping you from ALL your dream, desires and JOY?

Everyone experiences some form of negative emotions, be it depression, anger, frustration, self-doubt, jealousy or guilt. These emotions are a drain on your energy and stand in the way of you living a happy and successful life.

There are times in our life when our negative emotions have more impact on us than we might care to admit.

These experiences can manifest in many ways:

  • Do you encounter negative thoughts?
  • Do you find yourself having a defeatist or cynical outlook?
  • Do you find you sometimes sabotaging yourself?
  • Does anger, sadness, fear or frustration find their way into your daily life?
  • Do feelings of guilt, jealousy or resentment linger around your relationships?
  • Do you feel stuck in any area of your life?

The Releasing Your Negative Emotions workshop is aimed to provide you with the tools you can use in your daily life to:

  • Disconnect from the undesired aspects of yourself
  • Release anger and/or sadness
  • Ease relationship problems and situational issues
  • Reconnect with your positive attributes
  • Relax your mind and thoughts
  • Lighten your outlook toward life and attitude toward others
  • Control your emotions, instead of being controlled by them

You have the ability to control your negative emotions and take charge of your life. The power is within you! The choice is yours to make the change and release your negative emotions to reveal the TRUE YOU inside.

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Ambassador Eric Thompson is a guide, teacher, entrepreneur, and President of the Modern Mystery School of South America, a worldwide organization with representation in over 46 countries around the world.

He is an international teacher and speaker having brought powerful transformational teachings to 1000’s of people in Brazil, Canada, the United States, and Israel.

Eric worked in Hollywood as a sound engineer, doing sound work in films with famous actors and actresses. He lived among celebrities, in a world of illusions and fantasies.

“I had a great car, a big house, and a great salary.

But even though everyone thought I was the guy, I was living an unhappy life, full of ups of downs, far more downs than ups…So down that I hit rock bottom.”

He used drugs, was extremely controlling and jealous.

“Nobody could stand me, and I couldn’t stand myself.

Until the day I decided to change everything.”

Ambassador Eric helps you to unlock keys to knowing yourself so that you can eliminate what is blocking you from your desires and becoming your true self. One of his best strengths is in making esoteric teachings very practical and applicable in the physical world. Helping you to get results is his top priority.