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Egyptian Aura Healing Modality – Sacred Geometry Level 3

Learn healing that you can use on yourself and others! You will be working with the sacred geometries and the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to clear seven layers of the aura and also help someone else and yourself by creating a mission statement.

Our aura provides us with the energy needed for vitality and manifestation.

In this class, you will learn the Egyptian Aura Healing, an ancient Egyptian healing method for:

* Fixing holes in the aura that cause fatigue and poor health
* Increase energy in the aura for greater vitality and spiritual protection
* Rebalancing of the physical, emotional, soul, and astral bodies
* A powerful healing technique that can be done for self-care or for healing others.

Learn how to renew the 7 layers of the aura with help from the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry 1 & 2 and Empower Thyself.

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