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Healing Sessions

  Life Activation / 22 Strand DNA Activation

This session activates 22 Strands of your DNA – the blueprint of who you are. This activates your gifts from your own physical lineage whilst clearing the more negative patterns as well! It also activates your Spiritual DNA and will activate your remembrance of your true Divine Self. This part of you is Eternal and can create miracles.

This is the starting point if you want to go further in your studies with the Modern Mystery School but also the benefits last forever because once you are activated you will always be activated.

I am a member of the International Teaching Panel for this modality. Session includes vibrational medicine to help you clear and integrate.

This is a prerequisite for the Empower Thyself Initiation Class.

  • Investment: $300
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com

Full Spirit Activation

The Full Spirit Activation is designed to activate the connection between the Supernal Body (where we are the most powerful beings) with the Thalamus, Pituitary, and Pineal Glands within the “old brain”. This allows us to bypass the physical processes that stagnate us as humans and come into a state of existence free from the world around us while allowing us to truly experience and enjoy the miracle of life everyday.

In awaking the old brain you see miracles happen and people step into a whole different element in their lives. They see and feel different and will do more work in service. The old brain is the connection to Great Central Sun, so they will also feel more in tune with Divinity and with their own self’s worth.

Affectionately called the second part of the Life Activation, this modality is paramount in connecting our minds with our soul, allowing us to see the Divine essence of all things and truly experience an exciting world in our everyday lives.

  • Investment: $250
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com


King Salomon Healing Series

This sacred and ancient healing modality was developed by King Salomon who gathered healers and shamans from all the tribes of the world and together through experimentation found healing techniques that were effective for everyone, regardless of belief and background. The mystery school tradition has handed down these healing techniques person to person for 3,000 years. Each session begins with a washing and anointing, special prayers and an energetic reading. Each session ends with an emotional cord cutting and a DNA activation tune up. In order to begin the series you must commit to completing all 12 sessions spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart. This is VERY important to the effectiveness of the modality.

Included in the series are the following sessions:

☆  Consultation & Coaching Session

☆ Starseed Healing

☆ Unified Chakra Awakening

☆  Tree of Life Healing

☆  The Seal of Solomon Healing

☆  Tone Healing

☆  Aura Healing

☆  Purification by Light Healing

☆  Etheric Body Healing

☆  Mental Body Healing

☆ Customized session (a repeat of one of the 9 above)

☆  Celestial Code

At the beginning of the 12 sessions, your energy will be re-evaluated and then the appropriate healing will be done for the customized session. This modality is a must for those who are ready to fully clear, awaken and activate all aspects of their total being – physical, emotional, mental, auric, etheric, soul and spiritual.

It is a life enhancing process of transformation. This series profoundly changed my life and helped me to make quantum leaps in my growth. I felt like my deepest, most holy prayers had been answered when I was receiving these healings. It is such a sacred process and I believe is a key to restoring Heaven on Earth! Going through the series is like going on an adventurous journey because each session is so different.

  • Single Session Investment: $350
  • 12-session package: $4200 $3500
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com

Spiritual Drug Detox Healing Series

Substance abuse affects millions of people on the planet today. It is the cause of so many ails of society – from mental health issues, to disease, to crime, violence and so much more.

An individual’s experience with abuse substances and addiction can be for various reasons. In the Mystery School tradition we know that those reasons are always rooted in a deeper spiritual and soul-level issues that can be addressed.

There is help and true healing available from addiction and substance abuse.

Speciality healers certified by the Modern Mystery School have an advanced healing protocol that is specific to the needs of the recovering addict, that addresses and heals the various energy systems we have as humans:

  • Past Life Emanations
  • Magnetic Imbalance
  • Physical Trauma
  • Emotional Trauma and Heart Healing
  • Soul Trauma and Healing of the Pituitary and Pineal Glands
  • Spirit Trauma and Restoring Divine Essence

The power of this modality comes from the immense power that resides within the human soul and its ability to transcend anything the human will chooses to. The strength is within.

  • 10 session series: $350 / session
  • Plus purchase of Spagyrical Drops to take at the end of the series ($150)
  • 10-session package (pre-pay and receive the Spagyrical Drops for free): $3250 (save $250)
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com


King Salomon Auric Region Healing Series

 The King Salomon Auric Region consists of 10 sessions focusing on a deep clearing and purification of the aura. This holy work is done by utilizing the ultimate healing light and power of Lord Michael, Lord Gabriel, Lord Raphael, Lord Haniel, Lord Zadkiel, Lord Samhael, Lord Cassiel, and Jesus the Christ. The aura is like a windshield on a car, you can be perfectly fine but the windshield can be dirty to where you can’t see clearly. Initiation and walking the path of the Initiate helps you maintain a clean aura. Also, where you go, what you tune into, and where you spend time greatly impacts your aura. 


  • The modality will remove the fake masks that we gather through our life from indoctrination and this will result in the revealing of the true you. Light is sent into all of your being and clears out all channels.
  • You will feel much lighter in your body and Soul
  • Assists with having more Clarity in Life and removes mental clutter.
  • Clearing up past Karma and healing from ancestral energies. It goes 7 Generations forward and back so this session is an important process for clearing this out.
  • When the aura is not clear, you do not have full ability to control your thoughts. As your aura is cleared, an ability to control and articulate your thoughts allows you to operate at a completely new level!
  • With the aura clean and in top shape we can more easily connect with angelic forces and live a more healthy, balanced life.
  • 10 session series: $350 / session
  • 10-session package (pre-pay and save $250): $3250 
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com

Cherubim Healing

The Holy Guardian Angel is called in, and you can make a special request to the Holy Guardian Angel. The energy is then directed intuitively to areas of your body and then pillars of faith are anchored in four places around your energy field. Once that is complete you receive a ‘laying on hands’ healing where the healing energies of Mother Mary and Jesus the Christ are present for you!

  • Investment: $250
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com

The Modern Mystery School EnSofic Ray Healing Modality

The highest energy available on the planet today, the EnSofic Ray Healing modality reconnects people to their true and authentic self so they can create a new chapter in their lives. You may receive a single session, but this system also offers a three session protocol that runs as follows:

 The first session works on eliminating blockages in the physical body.

 The second session works at the soul and spirit level, where the twelve rays of creation are brought down, infused and activated within the client’s energy. Some examples of these rays are Romance, Mystery, New Beginnings, Royalty, Healing… all the things we want!

 The third session is customized for each person depending on where their energy is at the moment and to support the newly-placed seals that have been infused and activated within the client’s energy.

  • Full Protocol of 3 sessions: $750
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com


Fire Soul Activation

This session opens up the inner gates of your soul, reminding you more of your divine nature. It is a physical activation that helps integrate your mind and body more fully. As these gates open up, awareness and perception may be increased. Sacred symbols that activate the “Fire Soul” are etherically woven in to your energy structure. Activating the “Fire Soul” is the first step to truly awakening the Kundalini. The sacred geometric symbols that are set into your energy field activate various levels including:

  • Inter-Dimensional Connection
  • Spirit Contact
  • Mind – Soul Integration
  • Soul Enrichment
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Awakened Mind
  • Balance in the Body

This process more fully infuses the energy of spirit into the body and recalibrates your whole magnetic structure.

  • Investment: $250
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com

Core Will Infusion

The Will of the Higher Self always desires good.  However, at times we are not always in alignment with that Will.

By clearing and cleaning up the etheric structure, you become more balanced between the Will of God, Will of the Universe & Nature and the Will of Humans. This creates immense clarity of life and purpose, and opens up the mind to allow the self to be affected by the true Will of God.

This modality enhances the connection with the spiritual self while having more reverence for the experience of Life.

  • Investment: $250
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com


Angel Code Healing

As humans our true state of being is at 528Hz, also known as the vibration of creation. As we evolved, we lost our true potency.

Through this healing you will have the ability to return to this state of being.

Benefits of this healing are:

  • The ability to make better long/short term choices
  • Becoming less reactive to situations that arise
  • Attracting partners who are able to have a healthy loving relationship
  • Having more clarity for decisions
  • A deeper sense of connection to self and purpose

Everyone can benefit from this sacred process.

  • Investment: $350
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com

Etheric Surgery

Option 1: Removes Negative Energy – Unwanted energy will be removed and light will be infused to fill where the negative energy was removed. 

Option 2: Removes Core Issues (Celestial Code) – Core issues and beliefs that no longer serve you are removed so you can move forward! 

  • Investment: $450
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com


Isis Healing

Isis was the Grand Queen of Egypt. In this healing Erin calls Isis in and in sacred ceremony you will have a rebirth of your Emotional Body. This healing helps you to have more energy and invigoration in your life for a fresh start! 

  • Investment: $250
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com

Advanced Isis Healing

Create a new vibration within the physical body that will give you more passion and way more vitality. Re-direct old vibrations towards the new one and create “synchronicity” in the body and soul. Getting over the OLD! Create a renewed vibration in the soul that holds the mind regions more firm thus giving the client a more positive thought pattern. Heal old emotional wounds. Open up the third eye

  • Prerequisite: Isis Healing
  • Investment: $250
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com


7 Layer Egyptian Aura Healing 

Clears 7 layers of the aura calling in the Sacred Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. This is a private ceremony using elements of Sacred Geometry. You will have an opportunity to speak a mission statement and receive a blessing in that.

  • Investment: $250
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com

Ra Protection Session

You will be infused with light brought in from the Sun God RA and negativity will be banished from your life and you will bring in good, positive energy. You will have time to make a request and wish for something specific. This is truly a blessing for your life. This session is a full hour.

  • Investment: $250
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com


Passion Healing

Prerequisite: Initiates Only (graduates of Empower Thyself)

This is a more intimate healing – you will be covered with silk fabric ‘the veil of Anubis’ and be reawakening into your God/Goddess true self. Your face will be caressed until that part of you comes to life and the energy from that awakening will be carried down the rest of your body until you are reignited!

  • Investment: $250
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com

Spark of Life

This unique modality is one of the most powerful modalities that we have for remote healing. It used to be used by high priests and priestesses to keep their energy high between the times when they were in the temple.

The practitioner accesses the original divine spark, the source of life and channels its light to the recipient. At this point healing can take place. Permission and co-ordination is required for this healing to have its full benefit.

  • Remote session: $250
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com


Hermetic Rebalancing

You may receive a single session, but this system also offers a three-session protocol that provides the full benefits. The space will set with special rituals to call in the energy of Hermes/Thoth Trismegistus. The essence of the 7 Hermetic Principles and the Source of light will be spoken to clear out blockages and channels within your being.

The three-session series needs to be completed within 2 weeks, and is recommended once a year to maintain a clear and pure system.

  • Single session: $300 each OR
  • 3-session series: $850 ($50 off)
  • Contact Erin to schedule: 925-788-1487 or email MMSNCal@gmail.com



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  • Empower Thyself
  • Universal Kabbalah
  • Sacred Geometry Training
  • Astral Travel 
  • Spiritual Intuition
  • Journeys of the Spirit
  • 12 Races of Earth


  • Life Activation / 22 Strand DNA Activation
  • Full Spirit Activation
  • Emotional Cord Release / Purification by Light 
  • Shamanic Aura Healing
  • King Salomon Healing (10 sessions)
  • Spiritual Drug Detox (10 sessions)
  • The Modern Mystery School EnSofic Ray Healing Series (3 sessions)
  • Fire Soul Activation
  • Core Will Infusion Activation
  • Angel Code Healing
  • Etheric Surgery
  • Cherubim Healings
  • Egyptian Healings
  • Spark of Life