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Erin Wallace, LAP


International Speaker & Instructor.

Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Instructor.

Certified Spiritual Guide.

Certified Spiritual Teacher.

Certified Energy Healer.

And more.

For the last 16 years, Erin Wallace has worn many hats...

As a Healer

She has performed thousands of healing sessions on hundreds of people, helping them shred what is NOT them and discover their own beauty and strengths. The people she works with come from all different racial, professional, and financial backgrounds: lawyers, medical doctors, scientists, massage therapists, healers, students, etc.

As a Guide

She has guided hundreds more on their path of spiritual progression to find their true selves, live their purpose, and be FREE to be who they are. Many of those she works with are so inspired by the changes they’ve seen in themselves and others that they themselves become Certified Healers or Guides. That in itself is the best testament to the power of the work Erin offers.

As a Teacher

She’s taught countless classes and led hundreds of initiatory ceremonies to groups of 2-60+ people in a multitude of subjects: Kabbalah, Sacred Geometry, self-empowerment, meditations, spiritual healing, etc. Erin is also a Teacher of Teachers, having taught other Teachers and trained many Apprentice Guides to assist them with better understanding of the materials and utilization of the tools.

As a Community Leader

She has built a big local community of 200+ initiates (students in the Modern Mystery School) in Northern California. She also oversees the collective initiate community in California and guides the local leaders in their work. She continues to help many people discover and develop their own leadership capabilities.

As a Speaker

She has traveled and spoken all over the US and in Canada, stood on stages in front of many sharing her expertise on what it means to be a healer, what it means to live in alignment and in authenticity with oneself, and more.

As an Author

She is releasing her first book “Spiritual Short cuts”, sharing the biggest lessons she has learned on her own journey as a human and as a successful leader. Her hope is that others may apply these keys and find their own success quicker without necessarily having to make the mistakes that she has made.

About Erin

Erin has always been a sensitive soul, caring about others and the problems of the world, This used to manifest as activism and she was on the cover of 2 local magazines at age 16 and received the Beyond War Award for her service in the organization she co-founded called Youth for Environmental Action.

She has a BA in Environmental Studies and a minor in Philosophy from the University of Oregon. After a traumatic incident in college, Erin became depressed, negative, and cynical for a while until one day she found the book, Life is a Spiritual Experience, Metaphysics made Practical by Paul. She applied the understanding gained from the book and noticed that grace started coming into her life again. From that point on, she knew that spiritual and metaphysical study was going to be her focus.

Eager to continue her studies, Erin has had the honor of studying Quantium Physics with Amit Goswami PHD, author of the Self Aware Universe and featured in the movie “What the Bleep do we Know”. Later, she also studied with Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Hidden Messages in Water who is also featured in the same movie. She has studied Shamanism with Michael Harner, Healing with Barbara Brennan and went to Australia to learn the comprehensive bodywork series Hellerwork (the evolution of Rolfing) with Joseph Heller.

Days after completing that training, Erin found the Modern Mystery School and realized it was the most effective and powerful path of transformation she’s ever experienced. Motivated by the positive changes she’s witnessed in her life, she became a Certified Life Activation Practitioner in 2005, and eventually a Guide in 2008, having served hundreds of people to be free to be who they are. She is now the Leader of the Modern Mystery School California region and a Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Teacher, trained by Founder Gudni Gudnason and Dr. Theresa Bullard.

Erin’s mission is to help people remember who they are as Divine beings so they can use this power to shift the world into a positive flow for the benefit of all beings. She is known for her authenticity and refreshingly honest and direct approach. Her desire is to quicken your growth through ancient lineage tools and her newest book, Spiritual Shortcuts, is designed to help you fast track into lasting results in your healing and self-realization.


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This is a place for those who are spiritually curious and open minded.  Though I believe all answers may be  found within, Erin has a way  of guiding one towards the light and helping one reach their spiritual and life goals alike.  She is able to give you tools to use at home to further hone these  ambitions for goals and/or peace.  I truly benefited from the healing I received at this center and continue to use what I learned in my daily life.  Furthermore, if one is looking for a community, there is one available without any pressure.  It is truly a place of love and light which can be felt the minute  you walk through the front door.

Jennifer F.

Erin is the best! She is committed to advancing your health in non- conventional ways. It is just what the doctor ordered. I knew I was stuck energetically. Battling fatigue I exhausted all other options. I was referred by a good friend and boom. She opened the doors needed for continued healing and that lead to professional success beyond my wildest imagination. I am forever grateful that I found her and you will be too.

Jason R.