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Unicorn Magick

In this unique seminar you will learn:

  • The true history of these amazing beings
  • What their magick is and how to use it in your own life to unite the world in peace and love
  • Some magickal Unicorn words in a magickal text
  • Experience the power of their horn, which is real, to cut away ignorance and bring truth and lightThe Unicorns are an important part of the New Paradigm and helping us to evolve and unify so that we can embrace the new energies with grace and joy. They provide a bridge between us and the other races and magickal beings. Join us for a light-filled day of introduction to the Unicorns.

About Martina Coogan

Martina is best known as the Metaphysical Monarch.  With over 20 years of teaching ancient lineage healings and tools of power to centre the human energy fields, mental and emotional bodies she specializes in empowering people to achieve inner peace and self mastery.

Martina grew up in the West of Ireland in a family where she felt trapped, suppressed and limited so she decided to move away. However, she learned that changing location does not change you, your problems travel with you and limit you and all areas of your life! It’s only when you heal from within that you can truly access your personal power and accomplish your greatness.

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