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Sacred Geometry Level 7

In this class you are handed down the Activation of the Archangel Michael Inner Stellar Light Tube. This modality activates the Buddhic Body, which is deeply connected to the 7 chakras. By opening up the chakras fully, enlightenment can be attained for a brief moment, and that second of clarity will last you a lifetime. Having this activation you are now ready to move into Archangel Michael’s Interstellar Light Tube. This interstellar experience allows you to provide your clients healing through:

  • Activating the Buddhic Body, opening the chakra system
  • Triggering enlightenment which restores wisdom and clarity for a lifetime
  • Accessing the creational energies of the Master Archtitect – Archangel Michael, to re-create yourself in your highest form
  • Liberates you from heavy, negative energies and attachments that create depression and apathy
  • Clears up old emotional energy, restoring vitality, passion and joy

Pre-requisite: Certified Life Activation Practitioner and Ritual Master Novice (1.0), Sacred Geometry I – VI, receive the Archangel Michael’s Interstellar Tube Modality within 6 months prior to attending the class

Liza Rossi Bio

Instructor: Divina Liza Rossi

CEO of The Modern Mystery School South America

Guide, Teacher and Guardian of the Flame as a Ritual Master, was initiated in 2008 in King Solomon’s lineage, and has been essential in the growth of the School in South America.

Divina Liza believes that life is full of potential and each person has the power to live the life they have always dreamed. The key to how to live this life is hidden within us.

Divina Liza travels internationally offering courses, healings and helping people discover and express their true essence, living a life of joy and passion.