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Sacred Geometry Level 7

In this class you are handed down the Activation of the Archangel Michael Inner Stellar Light Tube. This modality activates the Buddhic Body, which is deeply connected to the 7 chakras. By opening up the chakras fully, enlightenment can be attained for a brief moment, and that second of clarity will last you a lifetime. Having this activation you are now ready to move into Archangel Michael’s Interstellar Light Tube. This interstellar experience allows you to provide your clients healing through:

  • Activating the Buddhic Body, opening the chakra system
  • Triggering enlightenment which restores wisdom and clarity for a lifetime
  • Accessing the creational energies of the Master Architect – Archangel Michael, to re-create yourself in your highest form
  • Liberates you from heavy, negative energies and attachments that create depression and apathy
  • Clears up old emotional energy, restoring vitality, passion and joy

Prerequisite: Certified Life Activation Practitioner and Ritual Master (2.5 or higher), Sacred Geometry I – VI, a certified Life Activation Practitioner (LAP), and received the  Archangel Michael’s Interstellar Tube Modality within 6 months prior to attending the class.

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  • Investment: $485