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Sacred Geometry Level 6 – Minneapolis

Step up your ability to serve others and learn the Core Will Infusion!

In Sacred Geometry VI, you will receive the handing down to perform this modality, which empowers your clients by:

  • Cleaning and clearing the etheric structure for greater energetic health
  • Creating a stronger connection to the Will of God and goodness in life
  • Deepening your understanding of the Will of Nature and the Universe and the Will of Humans
  • Enhancing the clarity of your life and its purpose
  • Restoring peace by reconnecting to the spiritual self and increasing reverence for life

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry 1-5, a certified Life Activation Practitioner (LAP), and received the Core Will Infusion Activation within 6 months prior to attending the class.

  • 7 hour class
  • Investment: $425