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Sacred Geometry Level 5

In this program you are handed down a powerful healing modality that re-calibrates the whole magnetic structure of a person, while activating the Fire Souls – Spirit in the body. This is what is referred to in the Vedas as the first step of the Kundalini Awakening. Receiving this infusion is another huge step in the activation of awareness of our true divine nature.

Also reserved for higher initiates, Sacred Geometry V hands down the Fire Soul Infusion – a modality that helps open the inner gates of the soul. Opening these gates increases perception and awareness and brings greater connection to purpose and passion.

Performing the Fire Soul Infusion empowers your clients to:

  • re-calibrate and heal the entire magnetic structure
  • remember who you are and what you’re here to do
  • enhance Inter-dimensional connection and access to other realms
  • stimulate greater clarity in the mind
  • re-establish balance in the physical body

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry 1-4, a certified Life Activation Practitioner (LAP), and received the Fire/Soul Activation within 6 months prior to attending the class