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Mermaid Magick

Mermaids have been in our fairy tales for a longtime. Yet do we believe they are real?

What if they are not only more than real but can offer deep teachings to enhance our lives and help us live a more deeply fulfilled life?

At this time, these lost teachings are returning so we can be more fulfilled. Mermaids are the source of passion for the planet. Learn to work with these ancient and magical beings to heal the planet with this passion and to bring it to all the areas of your life.

In this class you’ll get to experience their energy and answer the mysterious and alluring call of the deep through their ancient and magickal practices.


Register by filling out a form below to ensure that you fit the requirements (having attended Empower Thyself class or registered for one soon).

  • If you qualify and live in the state of California, you’ll quickly receive a link to send in the deposit of $208 to save your spot. Tier pricing is available – please see below. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR REGISTRATION IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL YOUR DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED.
  • If you qualify but live outside of California, you’ll be put on a waiting list and receive a notification.

About Erin Wallace

Erin Wallace is an Initiated Guide, Healer, Teacher, Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Teacher, Magus Hermeticus in Service (3rd Step Ritual Master) in the Lineage of King Salomon the Wise through the Modern Mystery School.  While she oversees Modern Mystery School’s Northern California sector, she also instructs across the United States and abroad.