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Friends of Water: The Work of Dr. Emoto


The quality of our thoughts directly affects the water in our body. Dr. Masaru Emoto studied this by photographing water crystals. In this talk, we will go over his work and witness how our thoughts and actions impact the water outside and inside us. You will also learn a ceremony to clear the water in your body and bodies of water.

I am a certified Hado Instructor and have permission from the late Dr. Emoto to share his slides.


  • 5-7PM: Main Class
  • 7-8PM: Social Connection & Mingling

For more information: contact eventsmmsncal@gmail.com or call Erin Wallace (925-788-1487).

THIS IS AN EVENT FOR CHARITY! ALL DONATIONS (excluding Eventbrite + GoFundMe fees) GO TO SAMARITAN CENTER FREE CLINIC (provides 100% free medical services to the uninsured that are unable to obtain medical access including the homeless and low income. )

ADDITIONAL DONATIONS can be made via Acuity or via GoFundMe for higher efficiency and cost-savings: https://www.gofundme.com/f/buy-muchneeded-medicine-for-the-underserved