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7 Mystery Schools

A mystery school is an ancient tradition that is still alive today. For thousands of years, these mystery schools have quietly existed, nurturing the skills and talents of the many men and women who have passed through its hallowed doors to become leaders of their respective fields.

Each mystery school has its own origins (such as Lemuria, Middle Earth, Atlantis, the Gods of Space, the Northern Gods, or the Lineage of King Solomon), lineage, and mission but are all dedicated to bringing more light to the world for the progression of our planet and all of its inhabitants.

We will connect to the energies of each mystery school tradition through meditation and specific practices unique to the school and so you will be able to get your own experience of the different energies that each tradition holds.

Join us on this quest for knowledge and ancient wisdom that has been handed down for thousands of years in an unbroken chain.

Prerequisite: None, Open to the general public.