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Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah

Ascension Journey with the Tree of life
Universal Kabbalah Modern Mystery School

Would you like to…

  • Learn what it means to be personally empowered, minute-by-minute in your life, and what is possible when you live that way
  • Accelerate your evolution and accomplish your goals faster
  • Increase your brain capacity to be more productive in all areas of your life
  • Rise above ordinary life to experience the extraordinary
  • Access your whole-brain, to heighten your intuition and unleash your creativity
  • Create a lifestyle that supports your growth and the realization of your full potential
  • Clear your sub-conscious conditioning, and break free from old patterns that hold you back
  • Discover your true power and innate gifts to go forward confidently in life and fulfill your purpose
  • Harness the forces within you to get the results you desire and deserve
  • Learn powerful techniques that create true and lasting change in your life

While these claims may seem extravagant, all this and more can be accessed by studying and practicing the Universal Kabbalah, an ancient tradition kept secret for thousands of years. Once reserved for the select few and privileged, it is finally available to you. This program of study gives you the universal patterns and templates, in a non-dogmatic way, on how to live a successful and extraordinary life. It will transform your life and the way you think, helping you become more physically, spiritually, and financially effective in these times of change.

Prerequisite: Life Activation and Empower Thyself

Meet your Kabbalah Instructor

Erin Wallace oversees the Leadership for the Modern Mystery School California.  She is an International Instructor as well as a Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Instructor.  She has a vibrant community of light workers and her goal is to help people step up and reclaim their innate Divinity and take responsibility for the world together to create Shamballah, a world of Peace for all beings.  She has a unique ability to help you break through blockages and expand into your greatness!

Program Overview

Completion of the application form does NOT mean successful registration for Kabbalah. Upon receiving your information, we will either send you a link to pay your deposit and save your spot, or put you on a waiting list.

January 25-26 , 2025
10:00AM – 7:30PM


Kabbalah  1 –
Initial Program Launch Weekend:
Learn the framework of Kabbalah and get launched into the Tree of Life

Ascension into Malkulth.
The mystical process of moving up the tree of life and unlocking it’s hidden power.

April 12, 2025
10:00AM – 8:00PM


Kabbalah 2 –
2nd Ascension on the Tree

Ascension into Yesod, Hod, Netzach and Tipharet. Healing old wounds and tapping into universal consciousness or stepping into your true power and entering into real grace.

July 26, 2025
10:00AM – 8:00PM


Kabbalah 3 –
3rd Ascension on the Tree

Ascension into Geburah and Chesed.
Creating your real life and living with power.

October 10-12, 2025
(Fri, Sat, Sun)
10:00AM – 8:00PM


Kabbalah 4 –
Final Retreat Weekend

Location:  To Be Announced

Ascension into Binah, Chokmah and Kether

Attendance is required for ALL study groups. Can be done via Zoom. If you miss one, you will not be able to continue the program. All study groups are from 7-10PM Pacific Time. Please mark these dates in your calendar.

Malkuth Study Group: Jan 29, 2025.

Yesod Study Group: Feb 12, 2025.

Hod Study Group: Mar 5, 2025.

Netzach Study Group: Mar 26, 2025.

Tiphareth Study Group: Apr 9, 2025.

Geburah Study Group: Apr 23, 2025.

Chesed Study Group: Jun 4, 2025.

Da’ath Study Group: Jul 30, 2025.

Binah Study Group: Aug 20, 2025.

Chokmah Study Group: Sep 10, 2025.

Kether Study Group: Oct 1, 2025.

11 *REQUIRED* Study Groups led approximately every 2-3 weeks by a Kabbalah Instructor or Apprentice designed to deepen your experience. 


Kabbalah Tuition For Empower Thyself Initiates

Kabbalah 1: $1350

Kabbalah 2: $1350

Kabbalah 3: $1350

Kabbalah 4: $1350

Kabbalah Tuition for Life Activation Practitioners*

Kabbalah 1: $830

Kabbalah 2: $830

Kabbalah 3: $830

Kabbalah 4: $830

*You MUST be Certified at the time of each payment to qualify for this tuition.

Additional Costs:

  • Retreat accommodation (additional $600 minimum for room and board) for weekend of Oct 11-13.

Retreat Location

TBA – in Northern California


I highly recommend this journey with Erin Wallace. The life changes and shifts for me were life-altering. The tools to navigate through life are tools I will continue to value and utilize.


As a student of personal and spiritual transformation I am blown away by how comprehensively this journey has worked through the layers of my being.  The transmissional nature of these teachings has suited my way of learning in ways that classrooms have always fallen short.  In this way, I can FEEL the study and the sacred teachings to my core.  To be in direct contact with these sacred teachings has left an imprint that will serve me and the lives I touch for… eternity.


Kabbalah has changed my entire life. This was my second time climbing the tree and I never want to be outside of the tree again. Before the teachings of Kabbalah, I was stuck in a cycle of abuse towards myself for no reason.  With the teachings, I now feel supported and empowered in doing everything that I want to do. 


I am exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to participate in Kabbalah with Erin. Kabbalah has been a profound and life-changing experience unlike anything I have ever experienced. Erin’s teaching was masterful. I cannot recommend it enough


The Universal Kabbalah program has fundamentally helped me shift perspective and daily mindset about my life, purpose, and meaning of being. It continuously presents tangible scenarios allowing me to resolve wounds and beliefs blocking me from knowing my true-self. I will, no doubt, continue this program; year after year.


Erin is an amazing Instructor of Kabballah. Through our ten month journey up the Tree of Life I was able to find and heal huge parts of myself that were holding me back. Through doing this process I was able to help my two businesses grow, travel all over the world and go further down my own spiritual path and loving myself. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting wanting some structure and amazing support in creating the life they truly desire.


It took me a couple of years to grow into the idea of studying Kabbalah. I felt a strong push at the end of last year that I am ready to take the next step. I had little idea of what to expect. My life has transformed so much over the course of the last 10 month of the Kabbalah program. I feel like I lived through multiple lifetimes in one year. 

Not only did I quit my 20-year career in a corporate world during the course of the program, but I also became a part of wonderful communities of like-minded committed individuals for creating peace and better life on this planet helping each other rise above into higher consciousness. 

The energies of the tree are magical, unexplainable from my logical mind, and so powerful and undeniable. At the end of the program, I shed so much of old unwanted layers of my personality and stepped into a greater version of myself. I now feel empowered, noble and confident in who I am after completing my very first tree.

I am also very impressed with Erin’s courage and dedication to this work and her caring motherly nature supporting each one of us in climbing the tree and dealing with all sorts of emotional and mental issues. It was a life changing program for me and now I am committed to be a life-long Kabbalist claiming responsibility for my own life.

Thank you Erin for your loving guidance on this path! I love you so much!


In 10 months!

-I healed my connection to God. To my higher self. To my divinity.

-I’m now aware of a large part of my mission on this planet.

-I’m standing more and more in my power every day. I know my worth. I know I am worthy of love, joy, wealth, health, beauty and Light.

-I know in my core: who I am. What I am. Where I’m going. Where I’m from. What my purpose(s) is (are).

-I’m off all the meds I was on for: ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, PMDD, depression, and anxiety and I’m THRIVING!!!! Turns out most of that stuff is rooted in trauma. Who knew? Amazing!

-I don’t get overwhelmed by big projects and I don’t need to have people over just to get stuff done. This is an ADHD miracle.

-I cleaned and organized my house in a way I’ve never been able to do in my whole 44 years of life!

-I healed MANY many layers of sexual trauma. I don’t hate ALL men anymore or see them all as predators. I actually love men now and can appreciate the masculine so much more.

-I healed my fear of being seen embracing my feminine. I feel safe thriving in my feminine energy and not like prey.

-I feel confident in setting and enforcing boundaries, while holding compassion for people at the same time.

-I can hold myself accountable without shame spiraling or drama.

If I do have a bad day, I have the power, tools, and knowledge to pull myself right out of it quickly.

-I don’t live in fear of various forms of harm everyday anymore, and when I do feel something is off, again, I have the power, tools, and knowledge to do something about it.

I still have stuff to work through. I still find blocks I need to uncover and heal. However, the process is so quick now. I figure it out, I process it, and I keep on going. I know, as a Kabbalist, that I am supported for life. On those days when the trauma I’m uncovering seems too much to bear, I can use the tools, I can call my guide, I can lean on my connection to my higher self and to God and I can work through it.

By far the best money, time, and energy I’ve ever spent and I can’t wait to do it again in 2022.


Your subconscious mind is like a magnet, I have known this for a large portion of my adult life yet still some inner work took a long time to excavate. Enjoying every step of the journey, I accept some things as fixed that indeed where not intended to be.
Over the past year, I have completely changed my entire life, every aspect, for the better.
As challenging as it is to admit, even as I considered myself a sum what evolved being I was still attracting negative things into my life. With a MASSIVE amount of internal work with little to no distractions my conscious and subconscious mind are feeling in close alignment.
I have many wonderful people in my life that I am extremely grateful for that continued to love and support me, when at times things looked bleak. Healing is not usually pretty. It can be ugly and exhausting, late night crying fits and wondering if you are completely loosing your mind. The joy on the other end, is indescribable.
Great contribution to this process was Kabbalah and my complete commitment to journey up the tree of life, with Erin Wallace and my beautiful soul sister Sarah. With the support of these wonderful women and my fellow climbers I have a life I am ridiculously happy to experience.
As the second climb up the tree, my first being just as impactful. I highly recommend the journey inward and upwards the tree of life, and home to knowing yourself as god.

Last year I took a 10 month course with Erin Wallace as she guided us through the tree of life in the study of Kaballah. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

A couple years ago, I started studying with the Modern Mystery School and my life path took a beautiful turn. This work in this lineage has by far been the deepest, most structured, and ultimately the most profound healing that I have experienced along my spiritual journey. At this point in my life, I had been studying mystical work for years, taken many course, and had many teachers. I am so thankful for those years of growth. It led me to this path. The purpose of this path is to know thyself. In doing so you ascend up the tree of life and you are basically cleaning out your energy system. And what isn’t working, is going to get moved the fuck out of the way! 😳

In the beginning of the year, we set our goals and I remember clearly, be careful what you ask for in the tree.

Well, this fire starter asked for everything! I mean everything! In doing so, the old must be cleared to make room for the new. And holy moly did it ever!!!! I basically created a space to burn my old life down to make room for the new. I’ll focus on my main goal; which was my health. Being completely free of all diseases.

During that process of Kabbalah, my entire life fell apart. My health deteriorated, I faced my biggest health fears, living in a moldy house AGAIN 😡 watching me slip away, becoming deathly ill, knowing I’m on my deaths door once again, and having to let it all go. I knew this was my opportunity to heal this cycle. During this time I had moved out, I was staying at my cousins to heal, and I had the most magical moment happen to me….

I decided to go surfing. I paddled out and decided why hold onto any of this? And I simply got ok, with not being ok. I let that shit go and allowed joy to penetrate all parts of my being. And in an instant my body healed itself. A spontaneous and miraculous healing. ✨✨✨✨✨✨ A true miracle!!!! I went home unaware, but full of joy. I walked into my moldy house and I was ok! I put my nose in the fresh paint and I was ok! I put my body by where the black mold was, and I was ok! The day before that would have caused a COMPLETE COLLAPSE!

I instantly recalibrated my body. I would not say I am 100% healed. I do get Lyme flares and have many sensitivities. But I now see HOW I CONTROL IT! I’ve learned how to keep my health. 🤯 🤯🤯🤯

I can now manage my body and health through my emotional balance. By staying in JOY and emotional balance. Before Kaballah, I had minimal emotional balance. I would say on scale of 1-10 with 1 being zero balance and 10 being a master before I started Kaballah, I was on average a 3. I’d say on average day now, I am a 7. That’s freaking huge. And by staying connected to my pure essence (a journey of knowing thyself) I am able to keep my nervous system controlled and therefore health controlled. By no means, have I mastered this. But I have all the tools to be where I need to be. I haven’t had ANY SERIOUS flare ups, or a single seizure! And what’s more beautiful, it’s ok if I do. Because I’m ok with who I am and where I am. I am ok with not being ok. It requires daily diligence, but I have every opportunity to be healthy consistently. So every day I choose this! I choose joy, life and to be free!

Thank you Karla Clark for introducing me to this lineage. Thank you Erin for being such a strong and fierce leader. Thank you ME for showing up and doing the work. AHO!


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Prerequisite: Life Activation and Empower Thyself