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Egyptian Meditation & Healing

Awakening Divinity Ceremony

Join Egyptian High Priestess Erin Wallace for a very special Egyptian Magick experience for healing and awakening the divine essence within you. 

Within the container of an energetic temple space, the process starts with a guided meditation, where you will be led back to identify a part of yourself that was wounded and started to believe you were unworthy. 

With the support of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, we will release that block and heal it, and you will be led to deeply discover your UNIQUE purpose and GIFT that you are here to offer!

Then we will do a Sacred Ceremony to affirm your divinity. We will celebrate and honor each other, bringing joy and healing to the whole community.

All are welcome! If you’re looking for a positive, spiritual community, or are interested in learning more about the Modern Mystery School, this is a wonderful experience to dip your toe in the water, for a beautiful meditation and healing experience.


Location: 1345 Treat Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Easy access from San Francisco: we are just steps from the Walnut Creek BART station **

Date: Friday July 12th from 7:00-9:00pm

Cost: $50

Meet Erin

Erin Wallace is an Initiated Guide, Healer, Teacher, Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Teacher, Magus Hermeticus in Service (3rd Step Ritual Master) in the Lineage of King Salomon the Wise through the Modern Mystery School.  While she oversees Modern Mystery School’s California sector, she also instructs across the United States and abroad.

I attended the Egyptian Ceremony a few months ago with Erin Wallace and it was a healing and transformative experience! The energy was so high in the room, that you could actually feel the sacredness and power of the whole temple. So many people said they had huge shifts to rise above what was bothering them in their personal lives, including me! Highly recommend attending this event! “

Lorraine P.

The Egyptian ceremony and meditation is an unforgettable experience. Connecting with the Egyptian pantheon through meditation was both healing and empowering. Erin, who led the ceremony, was engaging and highly skilled. I highly recommend this event.”

Rachel M.

“The Egyptian Magick Ceremony was a profoundly transformative experience, bridging ancient rituals and knowledge with modern days. The ceremony’s meticulous attention to detail, from the evocative chants to the powerful symbols, created an atmosphere of deep connection, enlightenment, and oneness.

We were guided through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, leaving us with a heightened sense of purpose and spiritual clarity. This ceremony is a must for anyone seeking to explore the rich heritage of Egyptian magick and unlock their inner potential. Working with this powerful energy is always a blessing! Thank You, Erin Wallace, for your passionate dedication and generous handing down!”

Romie B.

I’ve attended Egyptian Ceremony with Erin multiple times and every time it has been powerful. Being in the energy of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses remind me I am loved and worthy and the effects are always profound after! I’ll always jump on a chance to attend one!”

Linh L.