Advanced Spiritual Training

Temet Nosce (Know Thyself)!

☆ Friends of Water - the work of Dr. Emoto! ☆

We are all water! This class honors the water in our body and the water that surrounds the Earth. Water can store information and emotion as seen in the photo. This water crystal pictured above was formed from the words ‘thank you’ being placed on the water bottle.  Dr. Emoto studied this by photographing water crystals. We will go over his work. I am a certified Hado Instructor and have permission from the late Dr. Emoto to share his slides.

With this Friends of Water program you will get more awareness about how your thoughts and words affect the water in your body and around you. You will learn how to enhance the water that you drink and bathe in and learn simple ceremonies that will bring more JOY into your life.

You will leave this class with a glow and we will also send healing energy to the Ocean. This class also has components handed down from an ancient Mystery School Lineage. $30 at the door $25 if paid via PayPal to or Venmo to Erin-Wallace-8

Erin Wallace is certified both in the Science of Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of “The Hidden Messages of Water” and in the Spirit of Water from the Modern Mystery School.

Course Price
Friends of Water - Dr. Emoto's Water Crystal Experiments
Date: Saturday, March 10, 2018
Time: 10am - 12pm
Venue: Transformational Healing Center
101 Gregory Ln, Suite #50, Pleasant Hill, California
$30.00 at the door
$25.00 if paid in advance